Hi there, my name is Letisha, and I want to tell you about how I have lost 46 pounds in only two and a half months. I am a 36 year old married mother of three energetic children! Growing up I was always slim and athletic, and like many of us, after my first child, I just couldn’t seem to shed the extra pounds. The same thing happened after my second son was born, and after a while I just ‘let myself go’, and slowly my weight crept up to a horrifying 280 pounds! I have just gone through five years of trying every diet out there, with not much success. I either got too hungry so I gave up too quickly, or had such a lack of energy, I would reach for the carbohydrate snacks which had made me pile on the pounds in the first place!

Two years ago I did join Weight Watchers, and I do believe that their diet is a safe, sensible and healthy diet, but I would notice that as I started to lose weight, my metabolism slowed down, as my body adjusted to fewer calories, and the weight loss really slowed down. With my metabolism working so slowly I found I had to eat less and less to carry on losing weight. This made me think, well if a healthy eating plan like Weight Watchers does not work with me, what can I do.

I hate to admit this but I again gave up that diet and as usual I reached for the unhealthy snacks and gained back the ten pounds I had lost. I really felt helpless, and wondered if I was the only one who this happened to, so I decided to attend a weight loss group in my area. This weight loss group was for anyone trying to lose weight, it did not advocate one diet or another. It was just for women or men to get together and share their weight loss stories. What I heard that day changed my life.

One person had found an incredible diet online a few months before the weight loss group started, and had shared their story with 6 others, who had decided to follow suit, try the diet and they had all lost between 30 and 60 pounds!! They told me to look online at Fatloss4idiots and to buy the book. Again I must admit I was rather skeptical, as nothing has worked for me in the past. To cut a long story short, I bought the book online as it was not expensive, and while I was reading, it was like a light bulb Best Weight Loss Pills for men went off in my head!! Fatloss4idiots answered my question as to why after dieting for a short period of time, I would reach a plateau, and hardly lose more weight.

Fatloss4idiots creators found that when one diets, one’s metabolism slows down, it adjusts to the intake of fewer calories, and with it slowing down, it will not burn fat. One has to ‘trick’ one’s metabolism by shifting calories. This means that by eating more calories at one meal, and less calories at the next, and constantly changing how we eat, the metabolism has no time to adjust and becomes sluggish and slow. By shifting calories, it will stay in the ‘fast’ mode, therefore working hard to burn fat, resulting in huge weight losses. I just could not wait to start “my” new diet!!

The wonderful thing about Fatloss4idiots is that I enjoy it! One can eat more than three meals a day, and with my metabolism working overtime, the pounds are just dropping off. I never feel hungry, and I feel so full of vitality and life. As I said I have lost 46 pounds and I will stay on Fatloss4idiots until I have reached my goal weight. For the first time in my life I have found something which really works, and my weight loss is changing my life in ways I never thought possible. I have never written to a forum before but I am so confident in Fatloss4idiots I wanted to share my weight loss story with others! I know you will be as happy as I am with it.